The Latino Hive

iconexion's vision is to incubate a global community of engaged latino professionals, creating change not found anywhere else.


The Experience

At iconexion, we constructed a Hive, a community where people inspire you, a destination of like minded people to create powerful shared experiences. 

iconexion is made of entrepreneurs and artists, non-profit and corporate executives, to start-up founders and diverse thinkers, from across the country. 

Our Hive to be uniquely innovative. There are two criteria to be engaged: Be on the leading edge of your field and open to actively contribute and grow alongside others.


What We Do

The Latino Hive is a hub for building a national community of bold thinkers, movers, game changers, dreamers, explorers and visionaries. 

We work to create environments that catalyze real relationships.  We gather people from across the country with the purpose to connect, educate, and inspire one another and help drive forward positive impact. 

Our ecosystem is layered with leveraging the strength of others. For us, diversity of background, perspective, and capability shapes iconexion's impact.


Join the community

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