Kara Goldin Founder and CEO of Hint Water 

Kara Goldin Founder and CEO of Hint Water 


April 12, 2018

*All sessions held in Great Room, 1st Floor

8a-8:30a Light Breakfast Served

8a-9a BE: Heart Leader (Keynote) - Denny Post, CEO, Red Robin

The speaker will share her leadership journey and why she chose to lead with heart. QA to follow. This keynote is designed as a Ted Talk style format. 

9a-10a Workshop: BE: Unfinished (authentic leadership)

Who are you as a leader, really? Are you “being” you? Authentic leadership requires vulnerability - acknowledging that you are a work in progress and there is always room to course correct and grow. This group “mindshare” will address your leadership style and ask these fundamental questions: “How do you show up as a leader?” and, “Is that you “being” you?” Expect to address your style as a leader, follower and everyday team member so you can make conscious choices about your leadership style. The intent is to get you unstuck.

10a-11a BE: Social (social entrepreneur panel)

Social entrepreneurs are changing the way we think about the purpose of business and its overall impact. The session brings together a panel of leading social entrepreneurs to tell the story of this journey to shift company cultures and positively affect the communities they serve. 

11a-12p BE: A Misfit (journey to self)

It’s time to embrace the differences. Being “Latino” brings many things into the career experience - trials, accolades, misconceptions, recognition, and the list continues.  Presenters will share their stories of how they shook of the labels and leveraged their ‘misfit’ persona into success.

12p-12:30 Closing Keynote: BE: Woke

A call to action.  The evolution doesn’t end with the closing of the Latino Hive. This is the lift-off point to explore our collective responsibility for disrupting and positively impacting our communities through increased innovation and mindset shift.

12:30p-2p Lunch

Farmers Table

2p-6:30p Be: Collaborative Break

2p-3p Vino Latino Wine Tasting

7p-8p Tequila Tasting Reception, Hosted By Riazul

Vintner Suite, 2nd Floor

8p-9:30p In The Black Dinner, Sponsored by NBC Universal

Farmers Table

9:30p-11:30p In the Black Lounge and Dancing

Great Room, 1st Floor