Thursday April 11th

7a - 7:45a

Crystal Singing Bowl Therapy

Vintner Suite, 2nd Floor

Limited Space

Start you day with a renewed calmness. Enter a holistic healing modality that uses the sound and vibration of quartz crystals singing bowls to soothe and relax the body.

Sound itself is a vibration, and sound healing connects you Everything in nature – from the smallest molecule, to the universe itself – is in a state of vibration. Sound itself is a vibration, and sound healing connects you directly to that universal life force, restoring you to a place of balance and harmony.

This session will combine the soothing sound and vibration of the Crystal Quartz bowls with reflective music to help clear, balance, and harmonize your body, mind, and soul. This experience will tap into your sense of WANDER and leave you in a state of tranquility and calmness.

7a - 7:45a

Morning Stretch/Yoga 

2nd Floor Patio

8a - 8:30a

Light Breakfast

The Great Room, 1st Floor

8:30a - 9a

Morning Wander Storytellers

The morning will begin with two dynamic storytellers that will share their wander journey and reenergize you to write your new chapter.

Nathalie Farfan & Christopher Rivas

9a - 9:30a

Wander (break)

9:30a - 10a

Career Wander

The session is designed to provide real insights on intentionally wandering in your career to arrive to your desired destination. The presenters will share their story of lessons, hurdles, and insights.

Carmen Rojas & Angel Gomez

10a - 10:30

Wander Break

10:30a - 11a

The session is designed as a conversation centered on wandering in the space of determination and remixing fear in the entertainment industry.

Kristel Laiblin & Lynnette Ramirez

11a - 11:30

Wander (break)

11:30p - 12:30p

Social Wander

Our closing panel discussion will shine light on wandering to pursue passion, through a social lens. Panelist will share their story of leaping from their traditional corporate careers into the foreign land of social entrepreneurship.

Regina Merson, Ruben Rojas & Juan Camilo

Moderated by Karina Diehl

12:30p - 12:45p


1p - 2p


Andaz Restaurant, 1st Floor

2p - 7p

Wander Break

This is your time to connect with other members of the Hive. Make new friends and strengthen existing relationships.

7p - 8:30p


Andaz Restaurant, 1st Floor


Recognition & Game Changer Awards

9p - Midnight

In the Black Lounge

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