Wednesday April 10th

2p - 3p

Brand Incubator

Fireside Chat/Andaz Lounge (1st Floor )

(limited space)

Hosted by Richard-Abraham Rugnao, iconexion Co-Founder

iconexion supports and helps grow big individual brands. This brand incubator concept is a group share and equips you with insights and learnings to guild your impact in your industry, career, and community. This is not a traditional conversation about the external packaging of a brand. Rather, the Brand Incubator applies the essence and basic principles of brand marketing to augment your leadership style and reboot/pivot your personal brand positioning. 

2:30p - 3:30p

Fu@k Your Powerpoint

Vintner Suite (2nd Floor)

(limited space)

Hosted by Christopher Rivas

A meet up for creative entrepreneurs, executives … and anyone in between.

Are you telling stories or are you just talking? What’s the difference between talking and being heard? So how do we get a story to actually stick, to go in one ear and come ALIVE in the mind?

This is where the power of personal story comes into play. Christopher’s philosophy is that stories, real, honest stories, told well, are like a super power. We become masters of perspective. We can use these stories to inspire, heal, motivate, gain perspective, build community, and establish real connections with those far and wide.

The session go deeper than the "elevator pitch”, and will ask, "what is the core of your personal story, of your journey, how do you share what you know”?, in a compelling way.  Through the power of story your projects, products, and passions will be given a voice that resonates with the listener--a story they will want to invest in. Above all else, you will have a damn good time! (No writing or performance experience is necessary.)

3p - 4p


The Great Room, 1st Floor

Let's get ready to wander! Applied Improvisational methods have been used for decades to help professionals in a variety of fields to drive innovation and performance. It all starts with breaking down your walls, being vulnerable and willing to act without a fixed course, aim or goal  . . . to wander. Through fun interactive improv exercises, Angel gets people excited about getting into the right headspace and practicing critical skills that open them up new possibilities. Come experiment, explore, play and laugh a little as we get ready to wander.

Hosted by Angel Gomez

5p - 6p

Welcome and All Huddle

The Great Room, 1st Floor

6:30 - 7:30

Hello Reception

2nd Floor Patio

Co-Sponsored by Dyckman Beer Co.

7:30 - 9p


Andaz Restaurant, 1st Floor

Co-Sponsored by Gallegos Napa Wines